About Us

Since the early 1990s, demand for computer support and repair has skyrocketed. Because thousands of companies rely on computers every day, technology issues are common.

Computers can be challenging for some, which is why we created Tech-Savers. Our vision has always been to provide excellent computer support, service, and repair, while offering affordable prices at the same time.

Our goal is to increase the performance and profitability of our clients by leveraging information technology as a strategic business asset. Because of our extensive knowledge in a wide variety of technologies , we’re able to provide our clients with a full line of technology services.

In comparison to the prices of our competitors, our service prices are a fraction of the cost. When you submit a ticket to our Remote Support, your problem will almost always be solved within the first hour of the same day.

We always work with the best cabling, PBX phone systems, VOIP solutions and other providers to equip your home, office and corporate network with the latest technology and support.

We care about the success of our clients and team members, and are always learning new skills, as well as honing our existing skills.We take immense pride in our customer service and guaranteeing your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Whatever your needs may be, Tech-Savers has a wide range of solutions for you and your business.